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Suggested revisions to the plaque citation -- Administrator4 (talk) 13:37, 22 June 2017 (UTC)[edit | reply | new]

I would suggest the following revision to the plaque citation in order to: 1) reduce the wording to less than the 70-word absolute maximum, 2) emphasise the main significance of Pacinotti's advance (namely the absence of pulses), 3) shift the passive voice to active, 4) delete the phrase about working both as a motor and a generator (since that is not unusual of dynamos) and 5) delete reference to the work of Gramme.

In 1863, Antonio Pacinotti, at the University of Pisa, described and built an early direct-current dynamo equipped with a ring armature, the first in Italy. He connected the groups of turns of the closed armature winding to the bars of a commutator. Pacinotti's machine was a practical dynamo because it produced steady current without pulses.