Milestone-Proposal talk:Shakey: The World’s First Mobile, Intelligent Robot, 1972

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Advocate's comments -- Savini (talk) 07:34, 19 April 2016 (CDT)[edit | reply | new]

As the advocate for the proposal, I do appreciate the proposed recognition of the remarkable step forward in the evolution of robotics represented by Shakey, the first research robot to be able to reason about its own actions. As a matter of fact, it was not a single achievement since it incorporated a collection of achievements particularly in computational methods, which had a long-term impact on the development of robotics and artificial intelligence, in general. The documentation provided is more than sufficient. Let me just put forward a few remarks: 1. The proposed citation is pretty short (less than 60 words). Therefore there is room, for instance, to mention the location and the inventor, if this is welcome. As a result, the starting sentence might read " Shakey, the world's first mobile intelligent robot, invented by Charles A. Rosen at the Stanford Research Institute, could perceive its surrounding ....". 2. In the title delete the comma between Mobile and Intelligent in the similar way as in the citation. 3. In the last but one line replace "critical" by "seminal".