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Dear proposer

As the appointed advocate, recently I had the possibility of looking through your proposal entitled " Ampère discovers electrodynamics, 1820". Here I am reporting my first remarks. What immediately appears also from the title is the emphasis on the discoverer instead of on the discovery. Since the purpose of the Milestones program is to acknowledge inventions rather than celebrating inventors, the whole proposal should be restructured starting from the title, which easily and correctly should read " Ampère's discovery of electrodynamics, 1820". From the historical viewpoint, moreover, what is important is to underline the step forward made by A. Ampère with respect to the level of scientific knowledge of the time. Definitely he was stimulated by the experiments mada by Oersted just a few months before. As to the impact of the discovery, it was tremendous both theoretically for the progress of electric science and practically since it originated a number of applications. I have noticed that many questions in the proposal form are unanswered. I recommend you to complete the form carefully and also to add the supporting material. After this preliminary revision you may submit the proposal officially so that it can be reviewed carefully in detail. I do look forward to receiving the proposal after submission.