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Code To whom assigned Deadline Item Description

03-2015-02 All Committee Members 12/2019 (recurs annually) Make a personal contribution to one or more funds held by an IEEE Foundation to benefit the IEEE History Center
03-2020-03 Geselowitz 11/2020 Pursue 2021 funding for museum initiative through IEEE budget process
03-2020-04 Savini, supported by rest of Milestones Subcommittee and Colburn 11/2020 Revise Milestones procedures (including names and experts policies); in August this was expanded to include feedback mechanism for full Committee
03-2020-05 Michelson and ad hoc subcommittee (supported by Magoun) 11/2020 Develop plan for museum partnership program
03-2020-06 Michelson and ad hoc subcommittee (supported by Geselowitz) 11/2020 Pursue Society interest in a History Council and report back to Committee in October
10-2020-01 Colburn (with help from IEEE MCE) 12/2020 Monitor conditions impacting possible location(s) or teleconference for 2021
10-2020-02 Colburn 10/2020 Submit Milestones approved at October meeting to IEEE BoD