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Code To whom assigned Item Description Deadline

03-2015-02 All Committee Members Make a personal contribution to one or more funds held by the IEEE Foundation to benefit the IEEE History Center (IEEE Canada Foundation and IEEE India Foundation also count) 12-2024 (recurs annually)
11-2023-04 Geselowitz/Colburn Work with incoming Chair to fill positions and schedule meetings for 2024 DONE
01-2024-01 All Committee Members Respond to Chair ASAP about Subcommittee/Liaison assignments DONE
01-2024-02 Michelson Oversee Committee relationship with HISTELCON 12-2024
01-2024-03 Selleri Connect Hase with HISTELCON 2026 Japan organizers DONE
01-2024-04 Colburn/Michelson Plan face-to-face meeting for 23-24 March at the Newark Marriott Airport DONE
03-2024-01 Berg Explore if ACM has a landmarks program 04-2024
03-2024-02 Colburn Submit approved Milestones to IEEE BoD for final approval 04-2024
03-2024-03 All Committee Members Volunteer to be Milestone Advocate 04-2024
03-2024-04 Colburn Schedule teleconference for 30 April 04-2024