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Code To whom assigned Deadline Item Description

03-2015-02 All Committee Members 12/2019 (recurs annually) Make a personal contribution to one or more funds held by an IEEE Foundation to benefit the IEEE History Center
09-2019-01 Colburn DONE Prepare and deliver anniversary certificate to IEEE Chicago Section
09-2019-02 Geselowitz DONE Arrange end-of-year fund transfers from the IEEE Foundation as approved by Committee
09-2019-03 Colburn DONE Notify and Process Middleton Prize winners
09-2019-04 Geselowitz 06/2020 Plan for location of History Center after Stevens Agreement expires
09-2019-05 Mazierska/Geselowitz DONE Further development Global Museum plan and bring to IEEE BoD in appropriate fashion
09-2019-06 Colburn/Dent/Walz DONE Process approved Milestones with nominators and submit to IEEE BoD
09-2019-08 Colburn 06/2020 Work with Santa Clara Valley section on placement of Apple plaques at Computer History Museum
09-2019-09 Colburn/Geselowitz/Mazierska DONE Plan March Committee meeting at Newark Airport or nearby venue
09-2019-10 Colburn/Geselowitz/Mazierska 09/2020 Plan Fall 2020 Committee meeting (options include October in NOLA with SHOT and November in Panama City with CONCAPAN)
09-2019-11 Colburn/Dent DONE Recognize outgoing members of the Committee
09-2019-12 Colburn DONE Orient new incoming members of the Committee
10-2019-01 Colburn 11-2019 Process additional Milestones approved at teleconference and submit to IEEE BoD
01-2020-01 Colburn 02-2020 Process additional Milestone (Bragg) approved at teleconference and submit to IEEE BoD