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Code To whom assigned Deadline Item Description

03-2015-02 All Committee Members 12/2017 (recurs annually) Make a personal contribution to one or more funds held by an IEEE Foundation to benefit the IEEE History Center
03-2018-02 All Committee Members DONE Review books for Middleton Prize
03-2018-03 Dent/Geselowitz DONE Approach IEEE LMC about changes in Fellowship Program
03-2018-04 Colburn/Bastiaans DONE Submit approved Milestones to IEEE Board of Directors
03-2018-05 All Committee Members DONE Suggest museum artifacts to Allison Marsh for review in IEEE Spectrum
03-2018-06 Dent/Geselowitz/Wehrman DONE Carry out next phase of strategic planning process
03-2018-07 Colburn/Geselowitz/Dent DONE Plan fall meeting in conjunction with SHOT (including proposing session)
03-2018-08 Colburn/Geselowitz/Dent DONE (not held) Plan additional Milestone teleconference