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Code To whom assigned Deadline Item Description

03-2015-02 All Committee Members 12/2021 (recurs annually) Make a personal contribution to one or more funds held by the IEEE Foundation to benefit the IEEE History Center (IEEE Canada Foundation and IEEE India Foundation also count)
11-2020-04 Colburn (with help from IEEE Corporate Governance) DONE Update History Committee Operations Manual to bring it into current practice concerning conducting business by teleconference when no face-to-face meetings are scheduled.
02-2021-02 Awards Subcommittee (with support of full Committee) 11/2021 Determine Middleton Book Prize awardee
02-2021-03 Future Thinking Subcommittee 12/2021 Develop plan to expand history activities across IEEE organizational units, and strengthen the role of the History Committee’s corresponding members
02-2021-04 Colburn/Mazierska 12/2021 Plan bimonthly teleconferences; monitor conditions and IEEE Policies and determine if/when Committee can meet in person in 2021
03-2021-01 Colburn 06/21 Process IEEE Life Member History Fellow
03-2021-02 Ad hoc subc0mmittee (Michelson, Chair; Bart; Vardalas) 12/2021 Analyze and update as necessary processes and criteria for Special Citations
03-2021-03 Colburn DONE Forward approved Milestones to IEEE BoD for final approval
05-2021-01 Colburn 06/2021 Forward approved Milestones and Special Citation to IEEE BoD for final approval