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We thank the advocate John Vardalas for his positive response on our Milestone proposal and look forward to cooperate to achieve the approval of it. About adapting the wordings of the citation we are eager as well to improve the text.

For the moment let us answer the questions put forward by the advocate.

Q: 1) Where was Willem Einthoven's laboratory located?

A: Einthoven's laboratory was in the center of the city of Leiden, about 1500 m remote from the Academic Hospital Leiden (nowadays Leiden University Medical Center). Einthoven’s version of the string galvanometer was so heavy that it was very unpractical to transport it to the hospital. Therefore he decided to transmit the electrocardiogram over a telephone wire pair, so that both the galvanometer and the patient could stay in place. The building where Einthoven’s laboratory was in nowadays hosts the National Museum of Ethnology.

Q: 2) What are the references on which the proposal based its description of Cambridge Scientific Instruments involvement?

A: This involvement becomes clear from the exchange of letters between Einthoven and this company. Those letters are in the personal archive of Einthoven. This archive is at the Museum Boerhaave and is available for researchers.

In aprivate communication to John Vardalas we will bring forward suggestions for reviewers.