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Proposed Citation for consideration -- JaninA (talk) 20:49, 7 September 2018 (UTC)

Dear Proposer-san,

I am planning to propose to the History Committee that the HEMT Milestone is considered at the October meeting. To make the discussion smoother it would be good to make the citation for the HEMT Milestone stronger.

I wonder if the text below is acceptable to you and the Section. Please let me know asap.

Kind regards



High Electron Mobility Transistor, HEMT, 1979

The HEMT, invented in 1979, was the first transistor to incorporate a junction between two materials with different energy gaps. HEMT proved superior to previous transistor technologies due to high mobility of channel carriers, resulting in high speed and high frequency performance. HEMTs have been widely used in radio telescopes, satellite broadcasting receivers and cellular base stations, giving rise to a fundamental technology supporting the information and communication society"