Sample Site Owner Permission Letter

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Below is sample text for a letter from the site owner agreeing to host the plaque. Depending on how familiar the site owner is with IEEE and the IEEE Milestones Program, you may wish to include a cover letter as well. Here is a link to a sample cover letter to the site owner requesting permission and explaining the IEEE Milestones Program.


Email the completed letter to:

IEEE Milestone Program Administrator
IEEE History Center
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854 U.S.A.

Re: Site owner permission to place IEEE Milestone plaque commemorating [name of milestone]

Dear IEEE Milestone Administrator,

[Site owner] agrees to host the proposed IEEE Milestone plaque(s) commemorating [name of milestone] and to permit the plaque(s) to be installed at [address of property] in a place where the plaque(s) will be viewable by the public. For the plaque(s) to fulfill the requirements of public accessibility, they must be available to, and permitted to be viewed by, the public in a location in, or visible from, a public, non-restricted right-of-way and open to the general public without payment of a fee. A location that restricts access to customers, tenants, or employees generally does not meet the definition of public access. [In cases where visitors to the plaque must be granted access by security or pass through a secured entrance, please provide instructions for obtaining that access and the conditions under which the public will have access.]

[Provide details of plaque installation, placement, number of plaques, and whether there will be plaque(s) in languages other than English.]

The plaque(s), which will be bronze, will be 12 inches x 18 inches, and carry a citation in English, the official language of IEEE, describing the technical achievement being recognized as a milestone. [Additional plaques carrying a translation of the citation into the local language(s) may also be cast if the IEEE Sponsoring organization and the site owner agree. Note here if there will be translated plaques, and -- if so -- in which language(s)]

The cost of installation will be borne by the IEEE organizational unit sponsoring the milestone, and the plaque will remain the property of IEEE. Should the plaque(s) need to be removed for reasons such as building renovation, [the site owner] will notify the IEEE History Center so that IEEE can make arrangements for the care of the plaque(s).


[Site Owner Signature]

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