From IEEE Milestones Wiki Action on Milestone proposals by History Committee in the event that expert reviews and/or advocate analysis raise questions about whether a milestone proposal should not go forward

If at least one expert review raises serious questions or expresses doubts about whether a milestone proposal should go forward (questioning whether the accomplishment is truly worthy of a milestone, or suggesting that the claims may be exaggerated or debatable, or other concerns), the advocate shall review the situation. The advocate has the option to seek a third expert review if the advocate feels that another opinion might be useful, but is under no obligation to get another review, if the advocate judges the initial expert(s) to have expertise in this area and thus a strong basis for judgment.

These negative or ambiguous reviews will be posted on the proposal’s Discussion page on the ETHW (anonymously, if the expert(s) requests that) and the advocate shall request that the proposer write a formal response on the ETHW to address these questions and concerns. If the proposer does not do so within a reasonable length of time, the advocate may then recommend to the Milestones Subcommittee that the proposal be rejected.

Once the proposer has written a full response to the specific questions or concerns raised (which may involve rewriting the proposed citation, among other solutions), the advocate will review the situation. The advocate may ask the original expert(s) to consider the proposer's response and give their own feedback about whether this satisfies those initial concerns, but the advocate is not obligated to do so. The advocate will then review the expert reviews and the proposer's response, and submit the milestone proposal, either giving his or her recommendation for approval or rejection, to the Milestones Subcommittee. The advocate has the option to submit his or her recommendation to the Milestones Subcommittee confidentially, without posting his or her personal opinion on the proposal Discussion page on the Wiki. The Milestones Subcommittee then recommends an action to the IEEE History Committee.

The History Committee makes the final determination on whether to recommend the proposal to the IEEE Board of Directors for final approval.

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