QR Codes next to Milestone plaques

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IEEE History Center staff will supply the QR Codes as PNGs upon request to the organizational units, which will then mount them appropriately. The site owners would naturally have the final say on the QR Code mountings. To obtain the QR Code that links to your Milestone page on the ETHW, please contact IEEE History Center Staff at: ieee-history@ieee.org

One method that shows promise is that QR Codes can be engraved on small, tasteful, stainless steel plates which could be given a robust installation near the plaques. (Apprx. Cost USD$22) Here is a link to an example: https://www.plaquemaker.com/stainless-steel-qr-code-tags?quantity=1&width=4&height=2&production-style=2&backing=22&shape=1&print-color=3&qr=2&mounting=3&size=1

People have asked whether QR Codes can be cast directly into the milestone plaques. There are several reasons why not. The first is that the bronze casting process would not be precise enough to make an accurate QR Code unless the QR code took up a significant portion of the plaque. (This is why engraved steel is a much better choice.) Secondly, milestone plaques are permanent, intended to last for centuries, and there is no guarantee that QR codes as a technology will not change in future. An inexpensive, separate QR code, which can be easily replaced as technologies change is a better option.

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