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IEEE has often designated joint Milestones/Landmarks with other engineering societies (e.g. ASCE and ASME) and looks forward to doing so again. Having more than one engineering society designating a milestone/landmark adds to the impact, emphasizes the importance of engineering, and shows the cross-fertilization of different fields of engineering and how they combine for the benefit of humanity.

Some key things that make joint designations different:

  • Proposal must have at least one proposer from each engineering society
  • Letters of support from the appropriate sponsoring unit of each engineering society must be attached to the proposal.
  • Letter of permission to use logo on plaque must be submitted to IEEE History Center staff early in the process.
  • Proposers should take the timing of the approval processes of the different engineering societies into account.

DETAILS: Milestones/Landmarks are designated by the engineering societies as a whole (e.g. ASME, ASCE, IEEE et al) and must be approved by their respective Boards of Directors or equivalent governing authority. It is not sufficient to have approval merely from the organizational units (e.g. a section, chapter, or other sponsoring unit). By that same consideration, the milestone would not be an “AIAA Long Island Section Milestone” but rather an “AIAA Milestone,” for example.

As a record of approval of the milestone/landmark, a copy of the relevant minute of the engineering societies’ governing bodies approving the milestone/landmark shall be supplied to the IEEE History Center staff Milestone Administrator.

In proposing a joint milestone, letters of support from each engineering society’s appropriate sponsoring unit must be attached to the proposal (e.g. an IEEE Section or Society, an ASCE or ASME, Section etc.). For legal reasons, the foundry will need to receive a letter authorizing the use of any corporate logo on the plaques. (The letter from IEEE is already on file with the foundry.)

Letters from sister engineering societies jointly sponsoring a milestone/landmark, as well as a high-resolution image file of the logo, will need to be submitted to the History Center staff Milestone Administrator early in the proposal process, and no later than prior to the proposal being submitted to the IEEE History Committee.

There must be a minimum of one proposer from each engineering society.

The engineering societies will share equally the cost of casting and shipping of the milestone/landmark plaque(s). The treasurer or appropriate payee from each engineering society shall be listed on the plaque order form, and the IEEE History Center will email invoices to each. (The plaque order form, with forms of payment, can be found at: )

PLAQUE FORMAT The plaque(s) will be cast by the IEEE History Center staff. The joint plaque(s) will show the title of each engineering society’s milestone/landmark program centered across the top, then the title of the milestone with date or dates of the achievement, the citation (left and right justified), the month and year of dedication, and the logos of the engineering societies in the bottom corners in alphabetical order. (Example below)

                           IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing

                                       ASCE Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

                                       The Title of the Milestone/Landmark, YEAR

Citation of 60 words maximum length. Joint citations must be shorter than the normal 70 word limit in order to allow space for the extra line at the top of the plaque. This word limit is absolute and constrained by the size of the plaque.

                                        Dedication Month and Year (e.g. November 2014)

            ASCE logo                                                                                                      IEEE logo

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