Plaque Order Form

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                                                          MILESTONE PLAQUE ORDER FORM


PLAQUES REQUIRE 8 WEEKS TO CAST AND SHIP. THIS TIME CANNOT BE SHORTENED. Please ensure that there is enough time between your placing the order and the dedication ceremony for the plaques to arrive on time.

The month and year of the dedication are cast on the plaque(s). Thus the date of the dedication must be decided prior to the ordering of the plaques.

(Please print, fill out, and scan this order form. (For a printer-friendly version, click on "Printable Version" under "Tools" in the grey box to the left.) Please email filled-out form to: Milestones Administrator, IEEE History Center, Stevens Institute of Technology, Samuel C Williams Library 3rd Floor, 1 Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA, +1 732 562 5468, )

Plaques cost US$835 per plaque plus shipping. Current shipping costs per plaque are:
Within U.S.A.: $70,to Canada: $100, to Europe: $160, Asia and Pacific: $375. Other destinations vary. IEEE History Center staff can supply costs to you on request. There is no discount in cost for multiple plaques. Plaques may be paid for by four methods: Check, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), wire transfer, or transfer to IEEE History Center account from IEEE organizational unit account. (Deduction from Section rebate is not a payment option.) IEEE History Center staff will provide payment details (e.g how to arrange transfer to History Center account) on the invoice that will be sent to the IEEE organizational unit. For details, see Plaque payment options Payment must be made by an IEEE organizational unit to the History Center. The History Center cannot invoice a non-IEEE entity. In cases where a corporation or non-IEEE sponsor has agreed to support the cost of the plaque, the IEEE sponsoring organizational unit must pay the History Center and then obtain reimbursement from the non-IEEE sponsor. (The only exception to this requirement is when the customs regulations of the receiving country make it easier or more cost-effective for the payment to come directly from an entity in that country. Permission must be obtained in advance from History Center staff in such cases.)

Name of Milestone: ____Standardisation of the Unit of Electrical Resistance____________________________________

Docket Number of Milestone: ________2018-07________________________ (Example: 2014-02. Docket numbers can be found on the Milestones Status Report) at

Date of Milestone ceremony: _____17th September 2019___________________________

Number of plaques: __2_____________________________________

If there will be versions of the plaque in other languages, please list the name and email of the person who will supply the translation(s):

Translator’s name: _____N/A______________________________

Translator’s email: ______N/A_____________________________

Name and street address of person to ship plaques to (FedEx cannot deliver to post office boxes:

Name:______Steph Scholten, Director, The Hunterian Museum________________________

Address:__The Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow, University Avenue, Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland___________________________


_______________________________ payment must be made to the History Center from the IEEE organizational unit.


Telephone number of person to ship plaques to (necessary for FedEx label in case of problems with customs or delivery):______(0)141 330 4221_____________________

Email address of person to ship plaques to: (so that IEEE History Center staff can email them the tracking numbers)

VAT number (if applicable): ____N/A__________________________________________

Are there any shipping or customs details of which we should be aware? ______None___________

Name and email address of the person to invoice for the plaques. This must be the Treasurer or authorized financial officer of the sponsoring IEEE organizational unit. The invoice must be sent to the treasurer or authorized financial officer of an IEEE organizational unit because the IEEE History Center may not invoice non-IEEE sponsor(s). In cases where a corporation or other non-IEEE organization has agreed to sponsor the cost of the plaque(s), it will be the IEEE organizational unit’s responsibility to pay the History Center and to obtain reimbursement from the non-IEEE sponsor.

Name: _________________________________________

IEEE Title: ______________________________________