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Advocates and reviewers will post their comments below. In addition, any IEEE member can sign in with their ETHW login (different from IEEE Single Sign On) and comment on the milestone proposal's accuracy or completeness as a form of public review.

Introduction and next steps -- John Vardalas (talk) 21:29, 22 May 2020 (UTC)

Dear Proposer:

I am a member of the IEEE History Committee and I will be the Advocate for this proposal. As Advocate, my responsibility is to facilitate the submission of this proposal to a vote by the History Committee. Before I can recommend this proposal to the Committee, at least two external expert reviews are required.

We need to put together a list of possible reviewers. If you have names to recommend, please send them on to me via my email address.

I see that you have not yet checked off the box "Site Owner Permission Letter Received". Have you not yet received this letter?

John Vardalas, Ph.D.

IEEE History Committee