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#REDIRECT [[Milestone-Proposal:Commercialization of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors with Nickel electrode (Ni-MLCCs), 1982.]]
|more than 25 years=Yes
|within fields of interest=Yes
|benefit to humanity=Yes
|regional importance=Yes
|ou is paying=Yes
|ou is arranging dedication=Yes
|section is taking responsibility for plaque=Yes
|a1=Commercialization of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors with Nickel electrode (Ni-MLCCs), 1982
|plaque citation=Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. released new Ni-MLCCs in 1982, and has since been the world’s leading manufacturer of Ni-MLCCs. Through innovations of capacitance enhancement, fabrication miniaturization, and cost reduction, the world annual production of Ni-MLCCs has risen to 3 trillion, according as their utility is expanding in computer/network devices, home appliances, industrial equipment, and medical instruments. Now, Ni-MLCC is the key element indispensable to all electronics devices
|a2b=IEEE Kansai Section
|IEEE units paying={{IEEE Organizational Unit Paying
|Unit=Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
|Senior officer name=Nagato Omori
|IEEE units arranging={{IEEE Organizational Unit Arranging
|Unit=IEEE Kansai Section
|Senior officer name=Toshiharu Sugie
|IEEE sections monitoring={{IEEE Section Monitoring
|Section=IEEE Kansai Section
|Section chair name=Toshinaru Sugie
|Milestone proposers={{Milestone proposer
|Proposer name=Isao Shirakawa
|Proposer email=sirakawa@ai.u-hyogo.ac.jp

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