List of Achievements Suitable for Milestones featuring Women

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Date Milestone Associated woman Location IEEE Region
1840 First program Ada Augusta London, England 8
1893 First woman to earn degree in EE Bertha Lamme Ohio State University 2
1898 Development of theory of radioactivity Marie Skłodowska Curie Paris, France 8
1902 Publication on electric arcs Hertha Ayrton University of London 8
1921 Graphical Calculator for power transmission computations Edith Clarke Schenectday, NY 1
1942 Frequency hopping Hedy Lamarr California? 6
1952 Computer compiler Grace Hopper Philadelphia, PA 1
1959 Oramics drawn sound Daphne Oram Kent, UK 8
1960 Brain Research Institute Data Processing Laboratory Thelma Estrin Los Angeles 6
1969 Apollo flight software Margaret Hamilton Cambridge, MA 1
1970 Contributions to radio science in the polar regions Irene Peden Antarctica ?
1980 VLSI Lynn Conway Xerox PARC 6
1985 Spanning Tree Protocol Radia Perlman DEC 1
1986 Daubechies Wavelets Ingrid Daubechies New York 1
1992 Prediction of band structures of carbon nanotubes Mildred Dresselhaus MIT 1