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* [http://ieeemilestones.ethw.org/Expanded_Definition_of_Milestones  Expanded Definition of Milestones]
* [http://ieeemilestones.ethw.org/Expanded_Definition_of_Milestones  Expanded Definition of Milestones]
** [http://ieeemilestones.ethw.org/Revision_to_Special_Citation_Guidelines  Revision to Special Citation Guidelines]
* [http://ieeemilestones.ethw.org/Revision_to_Special_Citation_Guidelines  Revision to Special Citation Guidelines]

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This is a landing page for IEEE History Committee business items.

Milestones in Process -- Use this link to go to the Milestones Status Report to review milestone proposals in progress. Section B.4 is the section containing proposals ready for upcoming History Committee action.

To see what action items have come out of previous meetings, go to Action Items Follow Up

Upcoming Agenda Items This section has links to any agenda items needing advance review and discussion prior to upcoming History Committee meetings or teleconferences.